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Hi friends! Rounding out the week with a post that puts together five things from the week–products I’m loving; conversations I’m having with friends; and anything else worth sharing. Let’s round out the week with some smiles! Five for Friday: The Perfect Beach/Brunch Bag, The Best Natural Eyelash Serum, and How to Maintain Friendships 1: […]

May 9, 2024

Five for Friday: The Perfect Beach/Brunch Bag, The Best Natural Eyelash Serum, and How to Maintain Friendships

The products and ingredients a former executive beauty editor and skincare founder recommends for tweens and teens

what skincare products should my tween or teen use

April 22, 2024

What Skincare Products Should My Tween or Teen Use?

I just did the Prenuvo whole body scan. Here is everything you need to know!

March 28, 2024

Prenuvo Honest Review and Thoughts: What It’s Like, and Is It Worth It?

Trying to choose between a mineral and chemical SPF? There are upsides to both. Here’s what a dermatologist chooses.

Dr. Heather Rogers | We Gotta Talk lifestyle blog & podcast by Sonni Abatta

March 18, 2024

Mineral or Chemical SPF? Why One Dermatologist Only Wears Mineral-Based Sunblocks

A holiday and Christmas gift guide for the in-laws

November 28, 2023

Gift Guide: For the In-Laws

The best gifts for the beauty lovers in your life

November 13, 2023

Gift Guide: The Beauty Products that Live on my Top Shelf

My favorite holiday gift picks priced at $30 and under

November 9, 2023

Gift Guide: $30 and Under

If there is one type of episode that consistently gets the most listens on my podcast, it’s the ones about hormones. I’ve never dealt with PMS symptoms. However, as I get older I’m noticing that the week before my period, I’m more anxious than I’ve ever been. Not fun… for me or those around me. […]

October 19, 2023

Have You Had Your Hormone Levels Tested? Maybe Now is the Time

News flash! It’s not just Ozempic that’s helping all those people you know lose weight. Increasingly, people are also looking into compounded medications, peptides, and other medication blends to help them shed pounds. Let’s talk about it. First things first: Always consult your own doctor before taking any supplement or medication, or changing your health […]

beyond ozempic other ways people are losing weight

September 14, 2023

Peptides, Compounded Meds and More: All the Other Ways (Besides Ozempic) People are Losing Weight

Ozempic, a prescription medication that’s approved by the FDA to treat those with Type 2 diabetes. It’s a weekly injection that helps the pancreas make more insulin, and those on it have claimed it’s helped them in amazing ways. It’s the medication that everyone is talking about. But Ozempic–known generically as semaglutide–is also being used […]

should you try ozempic what you need to know

September 10, 2023

Should You Try Ozempic? What You Need to Know