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We just got back from our first-ever cruise on the Disney Wish. Here’s what we did and a few tips for other first-time cruisers!

Disney Wish cruise ship | We Gotta Talk lifestyle blog & podcast by Sonni Abatta

March 22, 2024

Disney Cruise Review: Disney Wish for Families and First-Time Cruisers

We kicked off another school year this morning, and with a 1st, 3rd and 5th grader, I am officially one of those moms who can’t stop saying, “Where does time go?!” Seriously, I feel like it was just yesterday when I was sending my son off to 2-a-Week-Two’s–pretty much glorified day care–and today he’s gliding […]

August 9, 2023

A Different Perspective: When Kids Cry at School Dropoff

We just got back from three weeks in Italy with three kids. These travel must-haves saved my sanity.

best travel tips for kids in italy

August 2, 2023

Top Tips for Travel with Kids: Italy 2023

should i send my kids back to school There have absolutely been times in the history of the modern world where it has been harder to be a parent, of course, but man, this time we are in right now has got to be on a Top 50 list of sorts.Making a decision about whether […]

July 21, 2020

Should I Send My Kids Back to School?

It’s that special day of the year when we honor the dads in our lives!While there are lots of ways to show our appreciation, I’ve curated a list of five items that can work for lots of dad’s wish lists. Also, I can’t handle a 30,000-item long gift idea list, so we’re sticking with five […]

June 16, 2020

Father’s Day in Five

We are now officially in month 629, Day 4,533 of the year 2020… and yet somehow it is still only June. Is lockdown over for you? Andrew and I are slowly re-integrating to the world around us, but the kids for the most part have been staying home. As a result, we are finding all sorts […]

June 12, 2020

3 Fun Things for Kids Who Are Still in Lockdown

park city family trip We just got back from the most epic family trip to Park City, Utah, and while we are adjusting back to East Coast time over here, I thought I’d pop in and share some of our favorite things and spots we stopped at. Have a trip to Park City soon, or […]

February 26, 2020

Park City Family Trip! Best Spots and Our Faves

As a practice, I try to avoid getting into descriptions of other people on my blog too much, or at least in too much detail.While I have no problem–and in fact I truly enjoy–talking about those important to me, like my kids and my husband, the writer in me is always overly cautious about telling too much […]

December 18, 2019

What Do You Think… Do Opposites Attract?!

We have always been huge fans of staycations; living in the Orlando area, it’s hard not to be!

April 16, 2019

Family Weekend at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Let me just get right to the point: Traveling with three young kids is a complete shit show. But a fun shit show! And one that can provide you with endless stories to regale them with for years to come!

March 27, 2019

Washington DC with Young Kids