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productivity tips for mom entrepreneurs majesta patterson Are you launching a new venture? A business? Blog? Podcast? You’re not alone. There are tons of women and moms who are becoming entrepreneurs, finding ways to bring life to their passions while also getting paid. I personally know how hard it can be to start your own […]

May 28, 2020

Three Productivity Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs, with Business Mentor Majesta Patterson

When we were building our house, I was knee- (or rather, uterus-) deep in making another human being. Getting unexpectedly pregnant with our third baby was amazing, but it turns out it’s pretty hard to build a house and a person at the same time. Both require lots of energy.And while I was as engaged in […]

May 8, 2020

Home Decor Talk: Loving Lulu and Georgia

Stop what you’re doing because I’m about to give you one tip that might save your sanity in lockdown: Netflix and cleaning. Angry cleaning, specifically.The other day I fired up Season 3 of Working Moms (gotta re-watch so I’m ready for Season 4, which comes out on Netflix May 6 and MAMA READY), propped up […]

April 22, 2020

Try This: Reorganizing Your Pantry for Less

therapist answers relationship questions lockdown Raise your hand if you’ve considered divorce since the quarantine started. I KID I KID. But listen, it’s hard out here on these quarantine streets. And relationships with those closest to us (spouses, family, children) end up bearing the brunt of the extra stress and worry we are all carrying.But […]

April 20, 2020

A Therapist Answers Your Most-Asked Questions About Love in Lockdown

authentic simple italian biscotti recipe When all else fails, CARBS. Amiright? If there ever were a time for getting re-acquainted with your kitchen, and whipping up a treat in the process, now is it. I shared this recipe a while back for authentic Italian biscotti from my friend Nicole, and since I’m going to be trying to […]

April 14, 2020

Simple, Authentic Italian Biscotti to Soothe Your Quarantined Soul

Guys. Might I be the last blogger on earth to write about my love for Trader Joe’s? Perhaps. But still! Let’s dig into this. Given our family’s penchant for tearing through dozens of pieces of fresh fruit in hours (hours! Once my three kids ate eight–EIGHT–nectarines in four hours.), I always like to plan a […]

September 25, 2019

My Trader Joe’s Favorites: What’s Always on My List

It marks almost a month since I stirred up a giant shitstorm with some commentary I made on one certain pink and gold sequin lunchbox. In what will heretofore be known as #LunchBoxGate, I (unintentionally, but gratefully) started a conversation about the importance of messaging to our young girls, and in turn, that spurred multiple discussions on what exactly it means to help our kids lead healthy lives.

March 8, 2019

Ep 13: It’s Not Impossible to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy! Podcast with Dr. Julia Nordgren

Let’s talk things that grow from the earth–specifically, fruits and vegetables. And now let’s talk kids–specifically, young kids. These are two things that traditionally do not go together all that well, or easily… until now. Today I’ve got the most delicious recipe–a healthy after-school snacks for kids that (GASP) they will actually love! Perfect for getting together those two aforementioned groups. 😉

February 27, 2019

This Fruit Dip is the Perfect Healthy After-School Snack

Like many women these days, I’ve lived several professional lives by this point in my life. I’m 37 and have had a “normal,” corporate job; I’ve done the stay-at-home mom thing; and now I’m doing the work-from-home thing. But in every role I’ve held, I’ve found successful women around me. And I’ve learned some important lessons from them.

February 12, 2019

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Successful Women

After all that “sparking joy” analysis with the KonMari Method, chances are you are ready to enjoy your freshly-decluttered space. I know I am! Sre you ready for the After Pictures?

January 30, 2019

Marie Kondo Closet Makeover (Part Two)